WILD* DAY 17: “Seeing Energy in Motion” w/Edward Terry

WILD* Day 17 of 30: INTERVIEW CONVERSATION with Edward Terry around “Seeing Energy in Motion”
(*Why I LOVE Dancing ) 

Tech note: We had a bit of Mercury in Retro affecting us today.  We get started about 1 min in - but then had to retry.  

It was a BLAST talking with Edward Terry​ today about:

  • His journey into ED from Burning Man
  • Advice to Introverts & Self-identified "Socially Awkward"
  • What Energy in Motion looks & feels like - and why his visually "impairment" is actually a HUGE advantage
  • What Robotics and Robots can teach us about us & BODY LANGUAGE
  • What the #EcstaticDance HIGH is (we get to this at the very end)

Here is the POWERFUL poetic prose he read for us - 2xs!

"Energy in motion
The rhythm of devotion
A primal pulse, a ripple of
Concentric rings to mark a
Wordless expression. 

Intention, through raised
Attention, noting the
Tension of entanglement, increasing, compounding and wrenching --
Releasing the gaze, multiplexed through the organ of skin.
Fine-tuned pipe ranks declaring a harmony
Embedded in our nature to
Associate, communicate, invigorate."

And a link to his music 🎹🎼🎧 - listening now and YEZZZ!



30 Days of Why I LOVE Dancing (on Conscious Dance Floors)

We ALL know dance is fun, a great "exercise" without being an exercise, and an awesome time with friends and family.

Yet, is there more to dance that makes it part of almost -if not every - culture throughout time?  And part of most big events in our lives?

Join me as I explore lots of reasons (30 or more!) as to why dance is such a powerful MOVEMENT practice individually and collectively - throughout time, races, cultures - basically all over the world.


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Introduction to Conscious & Ecstatic Dance

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