MMMS Podcast #3: The Truth About Narcissism No One is Telling You

MMMS Podcast #3: The Truth about Narcissism No One Else Will Tell you


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Please watch the PeopleTV vid here for context of today’s podcast:

‘The Bachelorette' Cast Calls Luke P. A 'Misogynist,' 'Psychopath' On Men Tell All | PeopleTV

For our 2nd educational video using the Bachelorette's "Men Tell All", we will dive into the conversation the 4 women from People TV had in regards to Luke P.  And why most of what they think and say is wrong when it comes to NPDs.  

In fact, most of the education and knowledge I have seen in the world in regards to NPDs come from this perspective: assuming these types underneath all of their baggage and wounding have a psyche that works like ours.  

I no longer think this way.  To boot, it seems thinking this way is not only unhelpful for us as empaths, I believe it is dangerous; and what keeps us in patterns way past the point of being useful.  Today, I am here to challenge how we all view NPDs by suggesting a radical new idea to the conversation.

On today’s show, I share some Easter Eggs as to what this theory is that I am developing.  I also take comment-by-comment made my the lovely women on PeopleTV, share why most of these comments are misguided - and give you the truth about what is really behind Luke’s view of reality.  And why it has little to no chance of ever changing - as most of us spend countless years, dollars and energy hoping it will.

For your own mental, emotional and physical health - you will not want to miss today’s podcast nor the extended education available for you!


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